I am going to resign


The picture above is the plant which named "lvluo" I’ve been growing at the company for three years

It's a decision that I will leave my job this week. There are many reason about it.

  1. Last year,my company coundn't provide a year-end award.
  2. When I was hired, my boss gave me a promise that my salary would rise every year,but he didn't do it.
  3. The company does not provide meal allowances, car allowances, only free waters.
  4. In Aipril of last year, a colleague who was born in 1997 was hired. In my opinion,he is a terrible people because he hashe has many bad work habits.
  • He wears headphones all day long to the point where he can’t hear what others are saying.
  • He is always more than half an hour late for work, and there have been many times when he is one to two hours late.
  • What makes me the angriest is that the supervisor has not taken any action, and this has been going on for more than half a year now.

Of course, the company also has its advantage.

  1. My work is free, no one check my code.
  2. We don't need to report daily or weekly.
  3. we can have a rest on weekends,you probably don't kown it is a welfare in HongZhou of China
  4. Our workload is light that sometimes I only focus my mind on coding for two hours a day.

Now,I will quit my job, even though I know the environment is poor for getting a new and awesome offer. I want to take on more challenges to make myself stronger and earn more money.

In addition, I will give myself a travel such as graduation trip after leaving. I believe that youth should not be entirely spent on work.